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Bulgarian Masters Series
Volume 2

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Bulgarian Thracian old-style kaval by master Stoyan Chobanov of Sliven. (published in 2000). The CD and  companion book are sold separately.

Mr. Chobanov passed away from a stroke on January 2, 2002. Proceeds from sales will benefit his family.
Read the remembrance.

Q: How do you pronounce his name? A: sto-YAHN  cho-BAH-noff.

The CD contains 31 pieces by Bulgarian master kavalist, Stoyan Chobanov, with three tracks by his grandson, Stoyan Chobanov II. Several tracks feature vocalists, but most of it is delicious solo Thracian kaval. Mr. Chobanov was born in 1928 and has been playing since the age of 9. He still teaches kaval students at his home in Sliven, even though becoming totally blind from disease about 15 years ago.

The book is mostly an interview covering the life and career of "Bai Stoyan" by Lyuben Dossev, professor of kaval at the Academy of Music and Dance Art in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. It includes the written music for 13 of the pieces on the CD. (67 pages, 8 1/2 by 11 spiral-bound format.)

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Written music is included in the book
Note: Slow songs are unmetered, highly ornamented songs which are beautiful to hear but difficult to notate in western music.
Title Meter
Ovcharska melodiya "na polugar" (slow song)
Subkin buenek 2/4
Pasal mi Doicho shileta (slow song)
Naklala Stanka sedyanka (sung by Bai Stoyan) 5/8
Naklala Stanka sedyanka 5/8
Stoyan prez gora vurveshe (slow song)
Marashkinata 2/4
Mama e Radka godila (slow song)
Katrinen buenek 2/4
Zhunala e dyulber Yana (slow song)
Svatbarska melodiya (slow song)
Slivenska ruchenitsa 7/8
Altunlu Stoyan voivoda (slow song)
Georgi po dvori hodeshe (slow song)
Trita puti 2/4
Proviknal mi se Nikola (slow song)
Terzeliiska ruchenitsa 7/8
Grozdanka po dvori hodeshe (slow song)
Subrali mi se subrali (slow song)
Georgi Dana duma 2/4
Zabravi si Marko alenoto konche (slow song)
Pravo horo 2/4
Star svekur Yanka dumashe (slow song)
Ovcharska melodiya (slow song)
Rumanik 2/4
Panaiot Boiki dumashe (slow song)
Mama na Stoyan dumashe (slow song)
Karnobatsko horo 2/4
Bavna trakiiska melodiya (slow song)
Dve eturvi horo igrayat 2/4
Kairyashki melodii (slow song)

Total recording time: 58 minutes.